Monthly Studio Space

Prices start at $400 /mo. They are 24 hours access for tenants, bills paid. We offer a handicap bathroom, standard bathroom, utility sink, outside patio, excellent security system with cameras on site. Individual key code access. and a small community kitchen. Lease terms are six month or a year (one month security required).

Hourly Studio Space

We also offer three studios for lease by the hour.

1) Photography Studio with high ceiling / professional lighting

2) Audio Suite for Podcasting and Video Editing

3) One oversize Classroom Studio

Studio Availability

We have an artist space available for monthly rental 17' x 13'. It is orientated with a 3' door on the short wall, no outdoor windows.

We also have an artist space available for monthly rental 17' x 13'.
It is orientated with a wide double door on the long wall, no outdoor windows.

Our studios do not permit artists to 'live' in house, or on site. There are no showers. We do not offer 'store fronts'. Studios are working spaces in a creative hive.

If you are in Houston and are interested in renting a work space, on the North Central Side, please contact us art@asterozoa.com or 832-310-5563.

We are just outside Garden Oaks, and The Historic Houston Heights.

Asterozoa exhibits works of artistic excellence by emerging, local, regional, established and new artists.

Asterozoa exists to contribute to the changing landscape of culture by lending support to emerging artists and ideas alike, particularly art that is controversial, or critically challenging the status quo.

We will have one open studio per month which is open to the public.

With 8,000 square feet of exhibition space distributed over 10 privately leased studios, Asterozoa provides a sanctuary facilitating the creation of sustainable impact through collaboration and ideas creatively centered around visual art Located in the Independence Heights, Houston.

Asterozoa Studio's mission is to foster and build connections, stimulate discussion and experimentation through art.
Creativity is a positive force. Incorporating the practice, collection, or appreciation of art into our lives can heal our emotional life, and reconnect us with our better selves.

The practice of making relaxes, rejuvenates and can redirect our focus. The making and act of creating gives us hope, strength and clarity
. Art is a positive discipline that builds stronger resolve in the individual who is seeking to connect with it.

As the positive motion of creativity gains momentum, the worries and frivolous detals of daily life will peel away. Pour your self into the daily or weekly practice and find your most true and honest self. Creativity is not only a healer, but the people who engage in it participate in a culture being reborn daily. Art is divine exploration.

Art programs are invaluable to the future of our children and the leadership of adults. Art teaches empathy transforming the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

Art poises us for reflection, necessary for a meaningful life. Participating in a creative discipline ensures each of us a connection to the little voice inside which shows us our individual purpose. Making art is a great starting point to finding our unique and individual place in the community.

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Asterozoa is located In The Independence Heights
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