The unity of man and nature.

Are you keen at observing nature in all its forms - from fossil sloths to mockingbirds, primroses to children? This presence of nature in an ideal, materialised, energy and information form is man's Self. So organic that when these external natural principles disappear, man himself disappears from life. If we lose nature's image, we lose our life.

We are constantly aware of the influence of nature in the form of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the flow of energy and information. This is a call to all great observers who are also artists.

Man's influence on nature. Man is not only a dweller in nature, he also transforms it. From the very beginning of existence, and with increasing intensity human society has adapted environing nature and has made all kinds of incursions into it.

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Art Installation at EQ Heights

Currently we have installed a ceramics display by local artist Michelle Heinesen which can be seen during business hours at 1030 Heights Blvd.

Michelle Heinesen Curator and Director of HANSDOTTIR has chosen ceramic works for this show. In her own words. "My personal influences are diverse, ranging from early childhood exposure to Faroese folk art and Peranakan textiles & ceramics to modern artists such as Jun Kaneko and Dale Chihuly." Michelle's work is very textural and evoke a sense of the movement of the ocean. 

Get out. Get Involved. Get Connected.

Currently we have a booth at the Heights Epicurean Farmers Market.

Come on out for food, family fun, arts and crafts and experience being a part of the Greater Heights community each first Saturday of the month, 8:30am-1:30p. Admission is FREE.

Grace United Methodist Church, is the centerpiece of Heights Boulevard, located 1245 Heights Blvd. It is also one of the founding religious communities of the Historical Houston Heights District.

It's a beautiful place to spend the day, meet some new people, and let the kids play in the garden, shop, snack, and explore. Sign up for monthly updates, upcoming classes, events and receptions below.


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