We offer fine art services including custom wood work, custom metal art and welding, mural services and more. We can help you connect with the right artist to get your project going and your vision realized. We love referring artists.

Our installation team is made up of fine artists who have conducted installations for gallery owners, directors, curators, art consultants and for homeowners and people just like you.

Our installers will give you the confidence of knowing that your collection is displayed safely, properly and beautifully to ensure your investment will give back. You will appreciate the attention to detail, carefullness, and perfection that our handlers will give to your collection.

We construct pedestals, stretch canvases, restore, and crate precious art objects and engineer suspension systems for hanging pieces safely.

Art Leasing

Frames & Canvases

Crating & Packing


Artist Representation

Private Instruction

Classes & Workshops

Photo Restoration

Full Service Photo Studio In-house for hourly rental

Photographic Services by In-House Photographers since 1991

Videography Services including film short and infomercial development

Audio Booths for broadcasts and podcasting available for hourly rental

Audio recording and refining services by In-House engineers

Web Development

Design and Illustration

Publishing and Print

Audio Engineering


Asterozoa Digital has been producing websites since 2004, providing audio engineering and video services since 2000, graphic design services since 1998, photography studio services including product shoots since 1995. We have a full service pod casting suite on site for hourly lease.
We offer custom construction of woodfaced boxes. details>>

Custom frame building for canvas stretching, and canvas stretching services.

Custom finishing framing services for completed work, and will prep for hanging.

We can repair and restore most antique frames and we also restore photographs.

We can construct specialty display boxes, wood or steel frames.
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